We are extremely happy to invite you to join the brand new WORTH Partnership Project Networking Platform!

The WPP Networking Platform is the largest design community in Europe where you can connect and network with other professionals and SMEs manufacturers operating in fashion and lifestyle industries to explore potential business collaborations. By joining this community, you will become a part of a strong design network.

It’s a project we strongly believe in, because at WORTH, we know that your network can be vital to your business success. A strong and expansive network gives insight into trends as well as insider information, creating synergies and learning from others’ experiences.

By joining the WPP Networking Platform, you will have access to the networking area formed with a gallery of a wide range professionals and companies operating in fashion and lifestyle industries with whom you can explore potential business collaborations in textile, footwear, leather/fur, furniture/home decoration, jewellery, and accessories sectors.

If you already are a WORTH member, all you will have to do is to Login and access with the username/email and password you already had to access the WORTH website. If you are not a WORTH member yet, you are very welcome to join us. In that case, you will have to Register yourself, then wait for a confirmation email to start discovering the Community. The subscription is simple and completely free!

After the login, you’ll be able to access all the features of the community, to discover the networking area formed with a gallery of a wide range of professionals and companies and join the groups to have access to the news and content categorised in relevant topics.

In addition, to trigger further discussion and exchange good practices and knowledge, relevant content will be published in the BLOG area.

A rounded icon will allow you to manage your profile settings. You will also be able to access your personal message inbox and to manage your friendship requests.

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