An increasing number of customers are paying an effort in making their wardrobes more eco-conscious, but did you know that also lingerie can be made in a sustainable way? On the market there are plenty of sustainable option when it comes to underwear, as brand are particularly attentive to consumer needs.

A few day ago, for example, the renowned lingerie brand Intimissimi presented “Nature’s Dream”, it’s brand new sustainable collection. For this collection, that wants to be inspired by nature, the brand has selected made-in-Italy ingredients from Tessitura Colombo, a lace manufacturer that has always favoured the protection of the environment and natural resources. Nature’s dream it’s part of #intimissimicares, a collection created to comply with sustainability objectives, like for example the protection of the environment and the control of the supply chain.

The components of the collection are also sustainable: laces are made with certified recycled solutions as polyamide Q-Nova by Fulgar, an environmentally sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre, and the recycled stretch fibre ROICA™ EF by Asahi Kasei. Last but not least, the colouring of the lace is done with 100% vegetable dyes.

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