The pandemic may have stopped all of us, but It didn’t stop designers! The revolution it determined, stimulated designers to create solutions to social distancing – which is very important to avoid the spread of COVID-19 – in public spaces, when in the office and even at home, without sacrificing comfort. The results are really incredible and will probably change the spaces as we know them.

The designer Federica Biasi, for example, designed a range of freestanding and tabletop panels made from polycarbonate for Italian office furniture maker Manerba. Called ‘Hinoki’, these semitransparent panels divide spaces but not compromise the feeling of spaciousness. Polycarbonate material has been chosen for its resistance and flexibility, but Hinoki will be made also in materials like wood or Plexiglas, with the possibility to add a fabric with sound absorbing features.

If you are working from home, you’ll appreciate the solution designed by the award winning JaK Studio that redesigned the classic L-shaped sofa – the heart of every house – into a working environment. With a simple “quick release” mechanism, the sofa can be converted into a private office space or meeting pod, featuring a drop-down desk, a USB port, a reading light, and also laptop charging points. The concept of this incredible sofa, which can transform itself also into a sofa bed, was inspired by the difficulties that the Jak Studio director Jacob Low had to face to concentrate while working from home during quarantine.

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