The European Light Industries Innovation and Technology project (ELIIT Project) opened its second Call for Proposals that aims to build on the success of the first.

ELIIT is looking for partnership projects that propose the use of disruptive and innovative technological solutions that can enable new and advanced technical capabilities to enhance the competitiveness of the beneficiary SMEs.

The European Light Industries Innovation and Technology (ELIIT Project) is a European initiative funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union. Like the first one, this call aims to foster collaboration between SMEs active in the textile, clothing, leather and footwear sectors (TCLF) and technology providers with innovative solutions that can bring the SMEs’ performance to a new level.

ELIIT will select 25 partnerships between SMEs and providers or owners of novel technologies that will aid the transfer of innovation and technology as well as the market uptake of innovative solutions. These partnerships will be supported with €70.000, a coaching program and networking activities to improve productivity, value chain integration and resource efficiency.

Are you curious to know more? Take a look to the eligibility criteria on the ELIIT website and remember that the deadline for applications is on April 14th2021!

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