Through the WORTH Partnership Project 1st Call, the partnership was established between Kristi Kuusk from Spell Disain, an innovative textile designer that offers consulting to the industry and validates research hypothesis in the commercial setting who has paired up with Anne Kuusk from Pambu PLT, one of the last remaining garment producers situated in Parnu, Estonia and Kerstin Zabransky an Illustrator and storyteller with various high level children’s book publications, newspaper illustrations, and others.

The trio have paired up to develop a children’s clothing brand, which invites the wearers to engage in dynamic storytelling with the use of colour-changing illustrations that are crafted from factory leftovers. We interviewed the partnership to find out why working as a team is important for them and how the WORTH Partnership Project has helped them in realizing their design concept.

Why did you apply to WORTH?
Kristi Kuusk: I was attracted to apply for the WORTH project to collaborate with a team, I was dreaming to put together and explore the diverse professional networks it holds. I was excited to develop Spellbound within the fostering community further.
Kerstin Zabransky: I worked before with Kristi Kuusk on two projects and both are still very special for me. Now we have the possibility to deepen the partnership and hopefully take it to a next level.

Why did you choose to form this partnership?
Kristi Kuusk: I had worked with both, Kerstin and Pambu individually successfully before. Both encompass qualities needed to develop further the Spellbound brand, and therefore the team was formed. They are people who I know help me to push the boundaries of the project in a more meaningful way.
Anne Kuusk: I was invited to participate in the team and happily accepted.

What led you to your project idea?
Kristi Kuusk: The project idea developed hand in hand with the forming of the team. Creatively thinking of different ways Spellbound could develop and aligning it with the expertise the team would bring in.
Kerstin Zabransky: I am an illustrator and storyteller and happily share my experience in it.


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