We all want to be protected against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, but for the most of times this implies having to use products that are aggressive and potentially harmful to the environment.

The Finnish company NordShield® has the vision is to eliminate the usage of non-sustainable, non-renewable and toxic ingredients in antimicrobial protection, making a positive impact on the world. With that aim in mind, they created a revolutionary, natural based and powerful antimicrobial technology against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The technology created by NordShield forms an ultra thin mechanical layer on the treated surface providing safe and long-lasting antimicrobial protection and can be used on a variety of surfaces from skin to plastic and fibers. It sets a new standard as is based on renewable, natural resources without heavy metals, thus minimizing the chemical load on our environment while being cost-competitive.

In the images (copyright NordShield): a pair of jeans that has been treated by NordShield BioLayr and the working solution of NordShield BioLayr, an antibacterial and antiviral protection for consumer textiles.

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