They Grow Up So Fast – The Future Of Children’s Clothing

Toddlers outgrow clothes faster than you can say ‘environmental impact’. Going up an average of seven sizes in their first two years, the only thing you’re guaranteed to get a full use from is a nappy. Which, much to the toddler’s disbelief, won’t suffice out of the house.

One way to combat this waste producing and money-draining problem is to drown your children in over-sized clothes ready for those 2 minutes when they actually fit – cue the family photo. However, at this year’s Royal College of Art exhibition, designer and engineer, Ryan Mario Yasin, unveiled a children’s clothing line that grows with them – leaving it impossible to outgrow.

The graduate came up with the idea for Petit Pli after he bought clothes for his nephew, which no longer fit by the time they arrived. Combining this frustrating experience with his background as an aeronautical engineer, Yasin developed a man-made material that uses pleats as a way to hide extra fabric and allow stretching when required.

Ryan told Dezeen “The structure deforms with the movement of the child, expanding and contracting in synchrony with their motion.”

“If this concept was actually going to enter the market, I felt that I couldn’t focus on technology that was too far away from being market ready – shape memory polymers for instance. Pleats were a simple solution” he added.

Yasin hopes the patent-pending design will reduce waste created by the clothing industry and is currently looking for funding from ethical backers.

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