Would you ever have imagined that one of the most successful massproduced products is a kettle?

In 1985 the architect and designer Michael Graves invented the Whistling Bird tea kettle, that is seen as a design landmark. Combining contemporary design and tradition, the kettle became instantly popular, and never lose its popularity: by its 30th anniversary in 2015, the producer Alessi, had sold more than two million pieces.

Unique in its kind, Graves’ whistling bird kettle is described by Harvard Business Review as on object designed to bring users’ joy. The concept is quite simple: the cone shape of the kettle enables the water inside it to boil more quickly while a plastic bird whistles when the kettle is boiled.

The kettle, that has been featured also on movies, can be found in the permanent collections of museums all over the world, thing that testifies its importance in 20th century design. When design and practicality meets, great ideas born!

Image: Alessi Tea Rex Kettle by Michael Graves 

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