Graphene (not to be confused with graphite!) has been discovered in this century, as it was isolated and studied in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, but it promises to revolutionise all areas of application.

It consists of a very thin layer of carbon atoms, aggregated in a honeycomb structure, with a thickness even thinner and lighter than paper, and has excellent versatility that makes it – according to scientists – the heir to silicon and plastic. It has been defined “the wonder materials” thanks to its features: it is impermeable, transparent and 200 times stronger than steel.

That’s why it will enable the creation of long-lasting products, and among them also innovative textiles with exclusive features like thermoregulation and antibacterial capabilities.

Technow, a swiss company focused on the development and production of innovative fabrics for fashion and sportswear garments has, for example. brought graphene from the laboratories into the textile sector through the project “Graphene Inside the Future”, that can improve the technical properties of traditional fabrics without changing their natural structure and creating a wide range of innovative products defined as “Smart Textile. The practical applications of “Graphene Inside the Future” are many and different, a sign that such a material can really shape the future: from technical membranes for outdoor fabrics to doctors and nurses.

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