The pandemic may have stopped a lot of activities, but it did not stop design, as it has been recently inaugurated in Milan the new “ADI Design Museum – Compasso d’Oro”. As its name says, it has been created around the repertoire of projects belonging to the historic collection of the “Compasso d’Oro” award, a prize created in 1954 from an idea of the architect & designer Gio Ponti.

With a total surface area of 5.135 square metres, it is the result of the restoration of a historic site from the 1930s and aims to be both a permanent and a flexible museum; that’s why it currently hosts five permanent and three temporary exhibitions, for a total of 2.500 design items.

The exhibitions are very interesting both for professionals and for design enthusiasts, the permanent exhibition “The spoon and the city”, for example, tells the story of Italian design by showing not only the essential real objects and projects, but also the many precious documents and drawings produced not only by designers and manufacturers, but also by technical designers, engineers, model-makers and more.

A curiosity? ADI Design Museum is one of the first Italian museums to use development models such as “The city of fifteen minutes”, a new model of a sustainable city where every citizen can reach essential services, including cultural ones, in 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle. The goal is to evolve the city into increasingly qualified neighborhoods, reduce pollution and create socially and economically inclusive areas. In the specific case of ADI Design Museum, citizens in the vicinity will be able to take advantage of a series of promotions.

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