Did you know that people react differently to visual objects? Their reactions may affect also emotions and behavior, that’s why it is really important to know what the forms we use in our designs mean and which kind of reaction they can cause. If you are going to create the logo for your brand you should be familiar with all aspects of the psychology of form, also known as Gestalt.

Let’s see some examples of the most common shapes!

The triangle represents a different meaning depending on how it’s positioned: it shows stability and strength when placed on its base. On the other hand, when tilted, it can show show instability and tension. Triangles represent action, also describing its direction (the side they are pointing to).

The concepts of positive messages like protection and harmony are conveyed by rounded shapes, like circles and ovals. Every eternal/spiritual thing or being is associated with the circle, a shape that can be easily found in nature (the sun is round). A circle can also mean love, eternity, secret.

Last. But not least, let’s talk about four sized shapes. They can be found almost everywhere, from buildings to sugar cubes. They represent concepts like trust, stability, equality and security. But remember, by tilting them a little, their stability will be lost.

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