Did you know that interior design as a profession was invented by a woman? Maybe you haven’t heard her name before, but she was quite innovative for her era: her name was Elsie De Wolfe.

Born in New York City, Elsie firstly became a professional actress and It was on stage, surrounded by ever-changing sets, that she discovered her true passion. In 1905 she decided to become a professional decorator: a choice against the current, considering that – at that time – the design of the interiors was a purely male field.

Wolfe, also known as Mrs Mendle, received – for the first time in history – a commission for decorating a home, and she is – after half a century – an icon revered as America’s first decorator. Her simple and airy taste was anti-Victorian, as she preferred lighter decorating schemes than those in vogue. Over the years she won many customers and became known to the general public. Did you know that she even purchased and furnished the Petit Trianon in Versailles?  

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