A unique space where designers, creatives and companies can update their skills, share their experiences and explore new business opportunities.

24 February 2021 – WORTH Partnership Project, Europe’s leading creative incubator, presents today the WPP Networking Platform. WPP aims to create Europe’s largest design community where creatives and companies are active in the fashion and lifestyle sectors can connect and share their know-how and experiences, while exploring potential synergies and business opportunities in the textile, footwear, leather goods, design, home decor, jewellery and accessories sectors.

“In a market like Europe, with over 500 million people, networking is a natural business accelerator where the stimuli and opportunities are no longer just your own, but also those intercepted by other community members in your market. The WPP Networking Platform is an area of prosperity and sharing that provides access to ideas, skills, stimuli and business opportunities, as well as the richness of cultural diversity, in a dialogue with no geographical limits whatsoever,” explains Korinna Molla, coordinator of the WORTH Partnership Project.

Through the WPP Networking Platform, members who join the community will be able to get in touch with companies and professionals in the fashion and lifestyle sectors and share their expertise and projects. Members of the platform will also be able to access exclusive content dedicated to cutting-edge topics discussed by experts in the field, the latest market trends, and the role design plays in making people think about the major challenges of our time and in finding solutions.

Registration is simple and totally free of charge: to access the registration process, simply visit the link http://community.worthproject.eu/register and enter the required information. An email confirmation will notify you that your profile has been activated, after which you will be able to login to experience all the features of the WPP Networking Platform.

The WPP Networking Platform is the result of a four-year experience of the WORTH Partnership Project, which has made cross-sector and cross-national collaboration its beating heart. Designers and companies from all over Europe have found their partner of choice beyond their domestic borders to create highly innovative projects, some of which have already found their way into the market. 

Funded by COSME, the European Union’s programme for the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, the WORTH Partnership Project is Europe’s largest incubator in the creative field, with 152 selected projects involving 345 partners from 34 EU-COSME countries – from France to Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, not forgetting the Netherlands, Slovenia, Moldova, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Montenegro, Serbia, etc. This European Commission project is a unique laboratory where European designers can experience the benefits of transnational collaborations and participate in an internal market of over 500 million people.