For creatives in France that are wanting to be a part of the WORTH Partnership Project and find out more about the initiative, come along to see us present WORTH during a round table discussion at Fashion Tech Days in Lille, France on the 29th of October at 10am during a discussion titled ‘Cluster and innovative European networks’.

Created in 2015, Fashion Tech Days has become, in three years, a much-anticipated national event in terms of fashion innovation. The event is being organized by Nordcréa and this year there is an overall theme: Microfashion/Macrofashion. “The Fashion galaxy is going through a big bang, Global monsters are forming and are rapidly gulping down important market shares, but in the same space-time, micro planets are forming and becoming very profitable markets, new alliances are forming with other tech galaxies: image, AI, blockchain…Some old and new planets are dying. How are macro and micro planets going to evolve to-gether?”

The event brings together 500 company directors and managers and a selection of 60 of today’s most interesting start-ups. There will be workshops like the one offered by Damart that help discover new high-performance materials, companies that share new developments (like Jean-Christophe Garbino who announced the new Fashion3 group’s innovation strategy), unique experiences such as the creation of a garments in augmented reality, a warm welcome with local products: the 2018 event will include 250 kilograms of organic apples, presentations by some of the industry’s most innovative players (such as Pete Santora of Softwear Inc who came from Atlanta in 2017 to present the first completely automatic T-shirt assembly line)

In 2018, Fashion Tech Days intends to expand by welcoming more European Startups from London, Berlin, Lisbon, welcoming more visitors, plus opening up the event to students with the objective of welcoming 700 to 1000 visitors to offer more targeted and interactive workshops focus on “more to see” by inviting artists and craftsmen who are creating the fashion of the future. 


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Image: Fashion Tech Days