Koen Snoeckx

positioning innovations

Cross-over between disciplines and the growing importance of positioning innovations in a new societal paradigm

Koen Snoeckx


the power of organised serendipity

Natsai Audrey Chieza


New generation of biomaterials and its convergence with technology and design

Joep Paemen

Design Thinking

Leveraging Design Thinking as a buisiness building tool for creative professionals

Steering Board


Insightfull debate with WORTH Steering Board

Julia Körner

3D printed Fashion

3D printed Fashion

Ramon Maurel

Innovative Trends

Tomorrow’s practical solutions for today’s challenges. Disrupting the present thorugh innovative trends.

Janos Keresnyei


Design your business

Alice Beyer Schuch


The power of recirculation

David Parrish


How to be a successful creative entrepreneur

Ricardo O’Nascimento

Sense the unthinkable

How (wearable) technology can expand your World

Koen Snoeckx


Cross-over between disciplines and the growing importance of positioning innovations in a new societal paradigm

Ryan Clott


Incubation Support opportunities

AnnaMaria Stein


 IP in fashion and lifestyle industries

Leslie Holden

Game Changers

Designers and innovators as game changers of the future

Daniel Pérez Barriga

Brand positioning

Brand positioning and identity Brand storytelling and content

Beatriz Amann

Interior Design challenges

Overcoming challenges of interior design

WORTH in a nutshell

Discover WORTH

WORTH presented for the first time on Fuorisalone.TV the 63 projects awarded in the second call for proposals.

Circular Economy (Part 1)

Circular Economy

“the Circular Economy” is rapidly becoming one of the most used terms in the European fashion and lifestyle industries

Supporting craftmanship

Preserve the European heritage

One in every four of the 2nd Call winning partnerships addresses any challenge related to the reinvention of the craftmanship.

Smart materials

How to offer new features

With the advent of industry 4.0, the interest and concrete value-adding potential for such materials and products has grown tremendously.

Circular Economy (Part 2)

Circular Economy

A circular model is a relevant feature within WORTH.

Digitised solutions

Disrupt the future

How to combine design with the new trends 


Social innovation and inclusion

Design can contribute to social change by addressing the social challenges faced every day

Annamaria Stein

IP and Marketing tips.

How to protect IP&Magnify your idea.

David Parrish

Innovative Diversification

The Minimum Viable Product for Innovative Diversification.