WORTH was so proud to hear the amazing news that some of our 1st call winning partners were included in The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator’s list, ‘23 Women Leading the World of Fashion Technology’.

The list celebrates the increase of female forces within the fashion technology industry, demonstrating how integral hey are to the future of the sector as a whole. They rounded up a list of women who have made serious contributions to the world of smart textiles and the integration of textiles and technology; showing that without the work of these women, the industry wouldn’t be where it is today.

Included in this list were WORTH partners Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson of Kobakant who is in a partnership with Maurin Donneaud, Zoe Romano of Wemake who is in a partnership with Ejtech and Kristi Kuusk of Spell Disain who is in a partnership with Pambu LTD + Kerstin Zabransky.

The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA), a Pratt Institute initiative, is a hub for ethical fashion and design that provides design entrepreneurs, creative technologists and industry professionals with the resources they need to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

BF+DA is based around their Venture Fellow program, which aims to help founders of fashion, accessories, home, and technology companies grow their business responsibly. They do this through providing assistance with mentorship, financial advice, brand, sales, marketing and sustainable strategies as well as the organization of events to encourage sharing and social networking.

See how they could help your business reach the next level of success through their website here


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Image: Vulpes + Mobel Sport Project